Two things

We turned two a few months ago and marked the occasion with a night of revelry within the office space. We are grateful for all of the continued support from friends, family and clients (who feel like friends and family).  

All along, we've planned to fill this page with '2' dos.. or number 2s...or any other riff off the number two. But for now, a simple list of recent happenings. Though - with just two items, can it be considered a list? 

  1. Just heard from Crain's Chicago that Twofold Studio's office space has been named a finalist in their 'Coolest Office Space' competition. Yahoo! Not sure what this means or how they will choose a winner, but we're celebrating the news, none-the-less. 
  2. Our bout of silence is not due to lack of things to say. Rather, too much to do and no time to talk about it? That's our excuse and we're sticking to it. In the pipeline: a comedy club, a heliport, a residence or two, and headquarters for a nonprofit organization. 


Hello friends! Please excuse the dust as we attempt to hobble together a website. We have had an amazing first few years at Twofold, and want to share it all with you. But please, patience, grasshopper. xo, 2.